Its panto season around the UK and I have sent out a barrowload of requests in the mail to get some cool stuff back from the raft of stars who hit the stage over the Christmas months.  I am hoping that these will come in in the New Year, once the mailing delays of Royal Mail at Christmas (on top of their usual delays) pass.  Also in the New Year will start a new training regime, with a plan of running twice a day in the gym when I am at Uni, and heavy duty cycling around the flat.  

The amount of requests that have gone out is massive, so come February there will be some rocking items up for auction.  

Lets beat the credit crunch and help two awesome charities!!

My next event will be confirmed shortly, as I am just mapping out when I can get away to do a run, I had sworn never to do another marathon following NYC this year, but I have decided I am being a woos and thought I should get to it, and train properly this time round.    I am awaiting January’s opening of applications to allow to run the NYC Marathon for the third time!

In the meantime, if I am not on before, Merry Xmas!!