In just 12 hours I will be on way to Edinburgh for the first race of the year, and I am quietly looking forward to posting my best half marathon time so far (ok, I’ve only done one before, but you have to start somewhere eh?)  Weather forecast is looking good, no rain, 10 degrees and little wind it should be a good day for getting the head down, listening to the music and getting the race completed.  

Auctions will be coming in style soon (yes I know I say that a bit, but Uni does keep me busy).  I have had some good stuff in of late, and the auctions are going to be good when they come in!

I will post tomorrow night when I get back in from the race (and autograph hunting at the CIS Cup Final) to see how I have done.

My thanks to the brilliant Mr Tiernan Douieb for his sponsorship yesterday, please check out his awesome website @ for more info on where to catch him, most commonly at his fortnightly show Fat Tuesday in London.   I saw his set in Glasgow last night and he was outstanding.