It looks like I am on track for the best fundraising week I have ever had in all my time doing charity work, with over £300 raised this week.  The downside is every time I log onto eBay they want more of the money I have raised… 10% of every sale indeed!!  I have paid them something like £60 this week already, still for the greater good etc the money is coming in and the first thousand will be broken very soon 🙂

Success this morning from The Pet Shop Boys which I am chuffed with.   More auctions will go live this afternoon, and items sold over the last couple of days will start to go out today after a long packing process.

Craig Dargo’s boots are going well and have now reached £155 at auction, with the finish of the auction scheduled for tomorrow and looking like a cracking boost to the funds total 🙂

The massive mail out I have been working on is almost ready to go and should be at the post office tomorrow and bringing more amazing items in for auctions 🙂