Well, it is safe to say that that was the most difficult race I have done yet, and the confirmation that Robin needs to do some serious training ahead of the New York Marathon.  After recording my worst time over the distance (circa 3.22) I have no doubt I need to lose a few stones before doing the next big one, short one, or any one at all.

But anyways, it was an eventful day which culminated in a medal and also included (but was not limited to)

  • Seeing the same geezer from last year who had a mild heart attack on the course, doing it again.  And having another heart attack.  And still keep going.  And they say I’m not fit enough for this.
  • Getting soaked to the bone by the lovely scottish weather within minutes of starting
  • Cursing the route planners for changing the route of the race in the most pointless manner which made it seem even longer.
  • Cursing them again for trying to surpass London for their sheer inability to put portaloos on route… I don’t call two sets of loos on the route enough.
  • Getting a personal congrats from none other than Bryan Burnett over the mic as I turned the final corner.
  • Beating the random girls who tried to match my insane dash to the finish line.
  • The pain…
  • Got some photo’s on the Kingston Bridge… once I had taught the stewards how to use a camera phone… G4s…the pinnacle of intelligence.

Anyways, I did it… as I said, time to get on me bike.