I spent a large proportion of today cursing the rain.  Then a bit more of it tidying the flat.  But ongoing throughout the day high on the list of priorities was sorting out photo’s for printing.  Now… this may not seem too hardcore, but if you bear in mind that online photo shops tend to be a nightmare (borne out by the three attempts I had at uploading my photo’s successfully) then you’ll see why it takes a while.

The upshot is I have sorted my first round of photo’s and they will hopefully be winging their way to me this week.  The suppliers have a habit of messing up a few, so fingers crossed they don’t do too badly this time.  Its cost effective though, so I tend to battle through.  Once I have them, they will end up in the next bundle of mail heading out to get signed before hopefully coming back my way for auction.

Auctions are climbing slowly, around the £30 mark just now, with around 36 hours to go.  Watcher levels indicate that a lot of people are keeping an eye on them, so don’t forget to bid!