I have now updated The TARDIS Project Page in the tabs above, to include around 60 donations to the mega Dr Who themed auction to take place later this year.  Its well worth a look.  I plan to upload scans onto a separate server in due course and link them into each item so that you can see what is up for grabs ahead of time and whet your appetite for buying.

The money in the Paypal Account passed £1000 earlier tonight, and I am just waiting for the current round of auctions to end tonight, and for the Paypal payments to come in from those who choose to pay that way before transferring it to my my bank account and then onto The Prostate Cancer Charity.  The total is still rising, with a three figure sum still due to come in from the various sales before that happens.

Those who bought items over the last couple of days and paid promptly will find their items in their mailboxes in the next day or so as long as Royal Mail live up to their promises.  As always, let me know if there are any problems.

In the meantime, more auctions coming in the next 48 hours. 😀