Ok, one of these random posts that has nothing to do with charity at first, but I cannot tell you how awesome it was to meet Scouting For Girls today.  Couldn’t meet nicer lads, and I would like to thank Greg Churchouse for the doodle he donated for auction.

Me with (L-R) Roy, Greg & Peter of Scouting for Girls

Nothing more I can say about that than AWESOME!!

Right, onto more pertinent and charity related matters.

Firstly, last nights 60 auctions ended, raising a fabulous £210 (pre fees) with the ones online currently sitting at £109 and rising.  Looking like a good week for the fundraising totals and one which will hopefully help facilitate New York being a viable choice for this year.

I have also just put in my application to the ballot for the 2011 Virgin London Marathon.  I know its ages away, but the ballot is the most efficient way of getting a place.  I’ll find out in October if I get a place.

A couple of awesome items in the mail this morning… artwork from Richard Griffiths (Pie in the Sky & Harry Potter) and lyrics from John Mayall.  🙂