Having relied on Sheena’s laptop and Sheena’s SD cards to do my listing on eBay, with the enforced (hopefully temporary) absence of the aforementioned laptop I have been forced to purchase a shiny new SD card for myself.  On the upside, it means listings can resume (albeit slightly slower) on my own net book.  With the current auctions sitting over £30 with the usual phalanx of watchers, I am confident of even more funds coming in.

My BIG marathon of the year has yet to be decided, though I am working hard on organising it.  What is certain is that it will be a huge focal point of my fundraising, and will be chosen with that in mind.  I am also rather chuffed that, according to my scales, I have shed a stone in the last month or so.  It is all good.  Though I could do with offloading a few more.

Anyways, more auctions to follow tonight 🙂