With the new eBay rules coming into play tomorrow (the ridiculous limiting to 100 a month of free 99p listings) I have just blasted 90 auctions online, but have had to stop as my eyes are crossing.  Click on either of the charity auctions links on this page to visit my auctions.  There is the usual wide range of items, from match worn football items to signed photo’s and doodles.  Well worth checking out.

There will, despite the limits, be more items going online for the rest of the week, it just means once I list 100 items in a month, every item after that will cost 10p I didn’t have to pay out before, it doesn’t sound much, but if you think that it’s an extra tenner for every 100 items you’ll see why I disagree, especially when eBay used the removal of that listing fee to justify upping their final value fees, and that now doesn’t change either.

On the upside, I found the 100 stamps I had missing so I now have a massive amount to send out even more requests on top of all the ones I sent out today.