For some time now, I have been collecting items for my TARDIS Project auction, and the time has now come for them to be auctioned.  Four nights today will be The TARDIS Project Auction day.

For each of the days from now until then, I will be posting an image of one of of the TARDISes for viewing.

Obviously I won’t be able to fit them all in, but I am going to show some of the best and interesting in that time.  All will then go up for auction four weeks today, on July 1st!  I would be grateful if you could spread the word to all Dr Who fans you know, this is going to be an amazing auction day which will hopefully raise LOADS of money for the charities 🙂

The starter for ten is Terry Molloy.  One of the most iconic of all the Davros actors, his TARDIS shows a TARDIS being attacked by a Dalek.  Below, he has added “Exterminate the Doctor” and signed it “Terry Molloy, Davros”

Tomorrow…number 2 in the TARDIS auctions…