For some reason yesterday’s post did not upload, so here is the 15&16 day countdown.

To the right is the TARDIS created by author Ian Rankin.  Its actually drawn on white a4 card, but I have only taken the photo of the middle to bottom corner to show it in as much detail as I can.  The Rebus author has drawn a small, but detailed, TARDIS in the middle of the page, with the line beneath reading “(it’s bigger than it looks….)”.  It is drawn in pencil with the noteline and the signature/date in blue pen.

The second TARDIS, and the one planned for yesterday, is from Robert Glenister.  Now best known for his role as Ash “Three Socks” Morgan, Glenister appeared in the 1984 story “The Caves of Androzani”.  Playing the key role of Salateen, this story is notable for being the final appearance of Peter Davison and the first, following regeneration, of Colin Baker.

Robert’s TARDIS is drawn in black marker on white 8×5 card, and signed beneath “Best, Robert Glenister”