Ok, I slightly altered the lyrics there, but its still a cracking tune.

Anyways, now that that I am back on planet earth after that awesome sales day yesterday, its back to business and sorting out listings.  I have a whack of items to be packed out, and all those who have paid by around 3pm this afternoon will have their items sent out today.  I’m also working on some new requests (I have 200 stamps sitting next to me) so hopefully more and more items will come in for auction in the coming months.

I have a final payment to make to Sports Tours to cover the costs of taking part in the NYC Marathon, and then, pretty soon after there will be another big donation to those wonderful people at Great Ormond Street Hospital!

Among the items in the mail this morning, a brilliant signed copy of Kylie’s new single “All The Lovers” – expect to see that up for auction before the end of the day 🙂