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Busy Busy Times…

Sorry for the radio silence folks, its been a busy period for me with course assessments, trying to unpack the masses of boxes I have still to sort out post move, added to getting ready for the marathon which is now one week today!

Time is being taken up organising stuff for heading away, and with doing some prep for the auctions which will run while I am away.  Plenty planned to be online for the week, so do keep an eye on the upcoming auctions.


ARGHHH!! (but new Boots :) )

There is nothing quite like getting some form of chesty cough crap right before you are due to do a marathon, this REALLY better clear up before I fly to New York!  The last couple of days have been a pain in the as…errr chest, having missed my course so far this week as well.

But anyway, being in let me sort out the auctions I have and there are more going online tonight, as the first round finish. Interest is high in them so click on the CHARITY AUCTIONS LINK OVER HERE >>>>>>> to check them out.

I am also delighted to confirm another pair of match worn boots which will be added to my auctions in the coming weeks. Continuing the trend of support from the Lanarkshire clubs, Motherwell forward Ross Forbes has given his support to my fundraising. I look forward to auctioning them, thanks Ross!

It’s been a busy couple of days for me, with some brilliant additions to my fundraising.

Following on from Simon Pegg’s contribution on Wednesday, last night I added a totally unique item from Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose aka Feeder.

Presented with an A4 sheet, Taka produced a stunning big signature with “feeder” added beneath, while Grant (pictured with me) signed the card and added some lyrics from “Just The Way I’m Feeling” beneath it, with the signature, as you can see in the second photo, is a stunning full signature.

Then, today brought some brilliant additions to the match worn items auctions, with two players agreeing to support and one possible one 🙂

Motherwell’s Tom Hateley, one of the highest rated players at Fir Park, and son of former Rangers, AC Milan and England striker Mark, has agreed to donate a pair of his boots for me to auction, BIG thanks to Tom.  I am also delighted to say that Darren Dods (Dundee United) has said he will try to sort out a shirt for me to auction 🙂  The third player will remain anonymous until I know if it will come through.  Thanks to Darren for his support.

Tomorrow brings auctions galore, so keep your eyes on this site 🙂


Yes folks, that’s right.  From Spaced to Shaun of the Dead, from Star Trek to Dr Who, EVERYONE knows something that Simon Pegg has been in.

I was delighted to get the chance to meet him (for the second time, the first being nearly a decade ago when I was working at Gig on the Green and bumped into him in the corner of a hospitality tent (amazingly he recalls this).

With a restriction on only his new book to be signed, I got a copy signed by Simon for auction (you can see it fully signed on the top pic, while he is mid-signature on the second)

The book will be up for auction sometime soon.

Simon was also kind enough to take my envelope of items I was hoping to get signed, and said he would sign them and post them back to me, so fingers crossed they come back through the door soon.

All in all, a pleasure to meet Simon.



Another Match Worn Addition

I am delighted to announce that Conrad Balatoni, currently on loan to Partick Thistle from SPL side Hearts has agreed to donate a pair of his boots for auctioning during the season.  I always like when players from my own team come through with items for auction, so thanks very much to Conrad 🙂

Monna Thistle!

photo is copyright Tommy Taylor (2010) who I hope won’t mind me nabbing his photo for this page.

New Match Worn Items :)

Over the last week I have been rather busy moving house, and have not had much chance to update the site as a result.  However, having popped down to Hampden last night for the Scotland v Spain match (how gutted am I??) I managed to get a couple of additions to my auctions of match worn items.

First up is Kilmarnock goalie Cammy Bell (pictured above with myself prior to last night’s match) who was called into the Scotland squad for the first time this week.  Cammy has very kindly agreed to donate a pair of his match worn gloves for auctioning.

Continuing the Rugby Park theme, the next two supporters of my auctions can be found in the photo below.

In a pic where everyone in it got caught out by the camera somehow, are Kilmarnock’s Craig Bryson and Frazer Wright.  Craig has followed through on his promise of boots from last season (which were mislaid) to donate a pair this year, and Frazer last night agreed to join the fun as well by donating a pair of his.  Thanks to both of them for their support.

WordPress doesn’t seem to be allowing text wrapping around photographs just now, hence the strange layout of the post.  Hopefully that will be resolved soon.  Fundraising Auctions will be underway again this week, to get the next donation to GOSH prior to the NYC Marathon.


I have now placed the pages for Dalek Doodle Day on the site, and they can be found on the top menu of every page.  Now available for viewing are the pages detailing what the idea is, and who has supported it with a contribution so far and also an extra page entitled “How Can YOU Help?” which I am hoping will help attract some extra donations to the auction.

Please do check out the pages to find out who is on board, and forward the links on to anyone who you think would be able to help out in any way 🙂

I am moving house this week, so its been a bit quiet on the posting front.  I had a decent amount come in from the auctions last week, and I am currently waiting for a £200+ cheque to arrive with me for previous sales as well.  I will be trying to get some auctions online this week, if I have the time, otherwise it will be next week before more go live.   I am holding all donations to the charity for now, as I plan the next one to be the one which hits the £5000 mark 🙂

I was delighted to get a quick good luck message from legendary Radio DJ Tony Blackburn tonight on his live tv feed via Twitter.  I am hoping he will be able to help out with something signed to add into the auctions as well.

Well, you’ve been waiting for it, and I can now confirm the follow up to The TARDIS Project.

Dalek Doodle Day 2010 will see the auction of numerous Dalek Doodles created by celebrities and Dr Who cast members.

To the left you can see the creation of one of the best known guest actors of the modern series, Harry Lloyd.  Playing the role of Baines and Son of Mine in the double header “Human Nature/The Family of Blood”, Lloyd has also appeared in Robin Hood and has been tipped as a future Doctor.

I will be adding a page on the site shortly to provide more information about Dalek Doodle Day.

Following the maxim “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, these items will be auctioned in a single day (date to be confirmed) and will hopefully lead to another massive boost to the fundraising total.

At the same time, there will be a further auction of TARDIS Artwork, including the items which have arrived through my door since the main auctions took place.  Included in this auction will be the TARDIS creation of Sir Ben Kingsley.

Its totally irrelevant to the fundraising, but how chuffed was I to meet the legendary Mr James Dean Bradfield last night!  I’ve been a Manics fan for as long as I can remember and I was chuffed to bits to get this photo with him after their Glasgow gig last night 🙂

Right, onto fundraising matters…

Tomorrow is the day I announce the follow up to The TARDIS Project, and this morning the latest names to add themselves to the mystery fundraiser are Rik Mayall of Bottom fame and Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films.

There are nine auctions online just now, popped on as they were my last free 99p listings of the month and it seemed daft to waste them.  I’ll be adding some more online tomorrow all being well.