Over the last week I have been rather busy moving house, and have not had much chance to update the site as a result.  However, having popped down to Hampden last night for the Scotland v Spain match (how gutted am I??) I managed to get a couple of additions to my auctions of match worn items.

First up is Kilmarnock goalie Cammy Bell (pictured above with myself prior to last night’s match) who was called into the Scotland squad for the first time this week.  Cammy has very kindly agreed to donate a pair of his match worn gloves for auctioning.

Continuing the Rugby Park theme, the next two supporters of my auctions can be found in the photo below.

In a pic where everyone in it got caught out by the camera somehow, are Kilmarnock’s Craig Bryson and Frazer Wright.  Craig has followed through on his promise of boots from last season (which were mislaid) to donate a pair this year, and Frazer last night agreed to join the fun as well by donating a pair of his.  Thanks to both of them for their support.

WordPress doesn’t seem to be allowing text wrapping around photographs just now, hence the strange layout of the post.  Hopefully that will be resolved soon.  Fundraising Auctions will be underway again this week, to get the next donation to GOSH prior to the NYC Marathon.