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My aim was to be able to hit  a minimum target of £2000 by now, and I am pretty darned close to the figure now.  I am currently organising all the funds raised in the last month or so, and collating cheques, cash and sponsorship as well as moving the money from Paypal so that next week I can make a donation to GOSH directly from my Switch Account.

This is by no means the final donation of the yar, and I am planning to smash through the £10k mark within six weeks of now.  I am aware of at least one major boost to the fundraising which will come in the coming weeks, though I will hold that of until it is actual present to be donated.  I am also rather hopeful that the donation I make to GOSH next week is higher than the £2000 mark, so please do check out MY SALES PAGE HERE and see what is up for grabs.

Last night’s auctions brought in just shy of £170, though fees were higher than normal as I have exceeded my limit of free listings for the month and now have to pay a minimum of 10p for each listing.  Overall, still a nice boost to the totals.  I am still awaiting some payments from the last round of auctions, and roughly speaking, I think I am about £200 away from my target, with a very realistic chance of hitting that in the next few days.  I am going to put a final (pre-target) round of auctions online later today, to boost the amount coming in, and am going to have a proper dig around to find as much good stuff as I can to put online.

I also have some requests going out tomorrow, once I can get through the snow to the post office, and I’ll be getting all the sold and paid for items out at the same time.

In the meantime, LOADS to do 🙂


Things Going Well

The first 35 of the auctions online end tonight, and they are progressing nicely.  The Dalek Doodles and TARDIS artworks are now attracting interest, if you’ve come here after seeing one of my promo adverts, thanks very much for popping by.  Please click HERE to visit to my auction page and check out all the awesome items up for grabs.


Woosh… its been a busy day, between working on course assessments and getting auctions kicked into gear, but its been worth it.  Dalek Doodle Day is underway, and the mix of Dalek Doodles and TARDIS art is now online.  The live auction total just now is a record for one time for me, 131, and features a mix of match worn football items, signed Dr Who cards, photographs, doodles and the aforementioned Dalek and TARDIS creations.

The first round finish tomorrow, with the rest staggered over the next three days, so click right here to go straight to my eBay page and check them out.

I was delighted to be the featured blogger on the offical Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Blog this week, and you can find my musings by clicking on the GOSH logo to the left.

HUGE thanks to Kate Murray who ran the Great Scottish Run in September and very kindly donated the sponsor money she raised to my fundraising.  Thanks to Kate for adding £90 to the kitty 🙂

In the meantime, lets get bidding 🙂

I was going to post to whet the appetite for Dalek Doodle Day but, you know what?  They are so awesome you’ll love them tomorrow when they go live.

One which I will show you is here, though my camera phone managed to blur it a little.  In the glamorous surroundings of Central Station I met up with Big Finish actor Charlie Ross who provided his rather brilliant Comedy Dalek Doodle as seen in the photo.

I’m delighted with it, and what better way to remind you all to pop into the site tomorrow for Dalek Doodle Day.

Aside from that there are 58 other items up for grabs right now including signed Dr Who cards, doodles and signed Christmas cards.  Be sure to check them out 🙂


My apologies for the lack of Dalek Doodles on the site yesterday and today, I am experiencing some camera issues just now which are preventing me from taking any digital snaps for the site.  I hope to have this resolved by tomorrow evening to allow both some Dalek promotion and the barrage of auctions I have ready to go.

The auctions ending tonight topped the £100 mark, so I am delighted to have another three figure sum to add into the total (should still be above that mark once eBay fees are paid) and I am ever closer to the £5000 mark for NYC.  The current plan is to make the next donation in the week following Dalek Doodle Day, once the funds raised from those auctions have been paid into my account, meaning it should be a pretty big donation all being well.  I am then confident of closing the final gap to the £10k mark in double quick time.

I am going to be adding a shedload of items for auction between now and Sunday (as long as the camera issue is resolved of course) so please do keep checking back.

On an unrelated note, with the benefit of a camera that wasn’t mine, I did manage to achieve one of the holy grails of the football autograph collector last night.

With most of the crowd gathered round the Man United team bus and being ignored by Rooney and Co, I was in the right place, and waiting for the legend that is Sir Bobby Charlton.  Possibly one of THE best football meets I have ever had, and ever will.


Those who know me will know I am a MASSIVE fan of Feeder and was thrilled when Grant and Taka donated some signed items for auction when I met them at their Glasgow gig recently.

I am now even more grateful to the band for posting a link to this page on their official Facebook page tonight.

Cheers Guys 🙂

As you know (yes faithful readership) there are a hardy bunch of dedicated… errr foolish… individuals who have pledged to help me raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  First up was the brilliant Kate who ran the Great Scottish Run in September and totally whipped my ass (timewise you understand, nothing dodgy, despite her nickname) and I am collecting some sponsor money she raised from this event this very week.

Next up is Aileen, who will be taking part in the Glasgow Santa Dash in a couple of weeks time (that’s December 12th Aileen, not this weekend) to help raise even more money for the cause.  The Ann Summers Santa outfit will no doubt lead to an interesting race 😉

To both, I cannot thank enough.  It’s tough raising this much money, and I am really appreciative to those who help me on my way.

Photo’s of Santa Dash Day will of course follow… 😉


So where do we stand right now?  Nowhere! I’m sitting, but enough of the terrible one liners.  There are 52 auctions online right now, with more to come tomorrow when I have the time to sit down and do them, so hopefully that figure will double come tomorrow evening.  Do make sure that you take a minute to check them out.

We are now just five days away from Dalek Doodle Day, and as of tomorrow I will be publishing some sneak peeks at some of the artworks that will be up for auction, so watch this space.

In the meantime, I am surrounded by letters that I need to get written, signed and sent away, so until tomorrow my young padowans (padowi? padowii?)

It’s Coming…

So what’s been going on in the week since I returned from the Big Apple?  Well, sending out all those items sold while I was away took quite a bit of time, the last ones paid in the last few days will be sent out tomorrow morning, so keep your eyes on the mail.

Assorted Dalek artwork is arriving in the post every day, and with the addition of the new TARDIS artworks, there will be a fair amount of items up for auction in the coming week.

Other than that, I have been working hard at getting more requests out, and I am once again expanding the ideas of who I am writing to in a bid to bring in some really brilliant items for auctioning.  My fundraising is all about finding unique items to auction, and I think I am on my way to bring some brilliant ones in.

Thanks must go (once again) to Kyle Wilkie of Hamilton Accies who is now adding to the football boots he donated earlier this year, he is now organising a signed training shirt from the Accies team.  My massive thanks go to Kyle, and I am looking forward to auctioning it shortly.

Its 4.26am

The title says it all, its been a late one (or an early one depending on your viewpoint) with a lot of work being done in the meantime, including getting all those eBay sales from last week packed up and ready to go (later) in the morning.

In the meantime, its been a night of some cracking music, and I thought I would share this awesome track which too few people (even fans of the band in question) have seen.  I was lucky enough to see them live two years ago, stupendous stuff