Well that blast of flu that has been bothering me since the turn of the year was diagnosed this morning as being swine flu, so that explains the constant lack of energy and the fact I have been wiped out for much of 2011 to date.  It’s keeping me inside just now (I’m not meant to go anywhere on Doctor’s orders) so bear with me if you have items due to be sent out… they will go out next week all being well.

Away from that, I think the auctions ending today are going to end just short of the marker needed for the £10000 hit, so I will be adding some more listings over the coming days.  While I am stuck in the flat, I can still get stuff online, and I will be listing on a longer term basis to allow them to be posted more efficiently after the end of the auction.

That £10k mark is blooming close, and I cannot wait to hit it 🙂