So Just Who Am I Anyway….Mark 2 (January 2010)

Ok, so you have visited the site, looked at the auctions, read my ramblings and finally your eyes sought out the tab at the top of the page as your brain unconsciously led you to wonder just who is writing the pretentious twaddle you have been scrolling through. 

I’m Robin and I am getting ever nearer to 30 (argh) with my 28th birthday coming later this year (Sept 21st for those who want to send me a present 🙂 ) I’m based in Glasgow (that’s the freezing cold city on the West side of Scotland for all you foreigners) but have an addiction to travelling.  At 19 I chose to make my first ever flights (sheltered upbringing you see) and took myself off to the furthest possible point from my home, landing in New Zealand via Australia and Singapore.  Take it forward a few years and I was trekking in South America, taking in Machu Picchu, climbing to 4500metres, hitting the Inca Trail, paddling in the Pacific and touring Lima and Santiago. Oh and there was a guinea pig involved at one stage, tastes a bit like pork crackling if you ask me.

2007 saw me take part in my first marathon, and where else would you go but New York City?  It turned out to be the first of three consecutive 26.2milers in The Big Apple and while I am taking a year out from that one in 2010, I am sure I will return in the future as its a great experience to take part in.

All of these events were in aid of charity, and allowed me to raise in the region of £10000 which was split between Cancer Research UK and The Prostate Cancer Charity.  Obviously whetting my appetite, I went for it in style with the10grandcharitychallenge being the outcome.

A little more about me… I am currently studying in the final year of my MA in Literary Studies at the University of Glasgow (a wonderful place with an excellent gym).  I live in the South Side of Glasgow with my fabulous other half, Sheena, and our rather manic dog Smudge.  He has finally chosen to abandon me in favour of the bed, I suspect because the electric blanket is on.  I spend my weekends watching Partick Thistle and Arthurlie FC or chasing footballers for autographs.  I am not averse to a quiet night in or out with my good lady.  I should run a lot more, I am slightly lethargic given the amount of road races I run.  To chill out I like listening to some classic Travis or Matchbox Twenty.  Fawlty Towers is genius, Family Guy is also.  Newly addicted to ‘How I Met Your Mother’  – LEGEN…wait for it… DARY!!!

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”