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Today is the final day of the much anticipated TARDIS Project countdown, and to mark the occasion, today will feature three of the TARDIS artworks which will be made available for auction over the course of tomorrow.

First up, to the right, is June Bland, who has created a totally unique TARDIS for the auction.  The white 8×5 card has been designed, by June, like a postcard, complete with a unique Royal Mail 1st class stamp featuring an image of June herself.  The address side of the postcard carries her character details from Earthshock & Battlefield as well as being signed, while the other half of the card has a brilliant drawing of the TARDIS complete with light shining from the roof.

TARDIS no2 of the day is from one of the newer directors in Dr Who land.  Andrew Gunn, who had previously developed much of the signature style of The Green Wing as well as working on Life on Mars, directed both The Beast Below & Victory of the Daleks, and his TARDIS is one of the most special in the collection.  Drawn on white 8×5 card in black, its a tremendously detailed TARDIS and includes Matt Smith as well.  It is signed up the bottom left corner, while on the right side he has added his episode details.  This really is a stunning TARDIS which should not be missed out on!!

The final TARDIS of today’s trio is from actress Georgie Glenn.  It is one of my favourite’s donated to date, as it is so simple yet so complex at the same time, and perfectly shows the depth in meaning that the TARDIS is meant to convey.  Drawn and signed in pencil on white 8×5 card, Georgie has added her character details at the top.

Georgie appeared in one of the best Sarah Jane Adventures to date, “The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith” in which she played the role of Mrs King back in the days where Sarah Jane was a child.

Tune in tomorrow as the TARDIS artworks go LIVE!!!!


Today’s TARDIS is an interesting interpretation, coming from legendary Dr Who companion Nicholas Courtney, aka The Brigadier.

The TARDIS is drawn in black on white 8×5 card, and is titled “The TARDIS” and signed beneath.

Nicholas appeared in both Dr Who and, more recently, in the Sarah Jane Adventures, and is considered one  of the most iconic companions in the series.

I am chuffed to bits that he has contributed (it only arrived yesterday), esepcially considering he had a stroke last year, so thank you Nicholas!!

Would you take a look at that, its only a TARDIS created by Star Wars icon Boba Fett himself!!

In Dr Who land, he played two roles – “Tor” in The Space Museum & “Hal The Archer” in The Time Warrior.  The latter character could have become a companion, though this was eventually not pursued by Barry Letts, and he went on to be known for his role as the Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett.  The TARDIS is drawn in black on white 8×5 card, titled and signed at the side of the drawing.

Well where to start?  Hands up if you were several drinks into your Saturday night before remembering you were doing a 10k the next day?  Yep, you guessed right!  But, up at 7am, across to Bellahouston Park by 8.45 and the medal is in my possession as seen in the image to the right.  Not the time I hoped for (85.19) but given the night before and the brutal heat today, I was pretty chuffed to be honest.  And on the plus side, I’m not slowing down 😉

Yesterday’s auctions brought in around £140 for the totals, pre fees, so will be adding that into the pot as payment comes in. All items paid for will go out tomorrow 1st class 🙂  Thanks to everyone who bought items!

Yesterday, my hands up again, I totally forgot to put a TARDIS on after the mad realisation of the race coming, so here’s the 12 day countdown TARDIS art. Created by actor Kevin McNally, best known as Joshamee Gibbs in the Pirates of the Caribbean series,  it is drawn and signed in black pen on white 8×5 card.  Kevin is a great artist and this is a brilliant TARDIS for the collection.


second TARDIS on show is from Dr Who and Robin Hood star Clive Standen.  Clive, who played Private Harris on the double episode “The Sontaran Strategem/The Poison Sky”.  A brilliant colour TARDIS on white 8×5 card, with himself added outside it, signed at the base in red.

I think I have now identified the issues with uploading my TARDIS updates, so this will now be back to normal for the second half of the month long countdown.

First up today (intended for yesterday) is former Dollar and Bucks Fizz singer David Van Day.  Recently seen as both a political candidate and semi finalist in I’m A Celebrity.. David’s TARDIS takes up the entire of the 8×5 white card.  Drawn in blue pen, it is signed and dated (2010), its a cracking TARDIS donation.

The second TARDIS of the day (proving that there is nothing unlucky about the 13th place in the countdown) is from iconic former companion Sarah Sutton.  Having played Nyssa from 1981-83, Sarah’s time in the show spanned two Doctors (Tom Baker and Peter Davison) while she also featured in The Caves of Androzani and Dimensions in Time. Since then, she has also appeared in the same role in numerous Big Finish productions.

Sarah’s TARDIS is drawn in black fineline pen on A5 white paper, before being coloured in using paint.  It’s a brilliant TARDIS and one of my favourites in the whole auction!

Cracking TARDIS artworks up for grabs, in just under two weeks.. don’t miss out on the big day!!

For some reason yesterday’s post did not upload, so here is the 15&16 day countdown.

To the right is the TARDIS created by author Ian Rankin.  Its actually drawn on white a4 card, but I have only taken the photo of the middle to bottom corner to show it in as much detail as I can.  The Rebus author has drawn a small, but detailed, TARDIS in the middle of the page, with the line beneath reading “(it’s bigger than it looks….)”.  It is drawn in pencil with the noteline and the signature/date in blue pen.

The second TARDIS, and the one planned for yesterday, is from Robert Glenister.  Now best known for his role as Ash “Three Socks” Morgan, Glenister appeared in the 1984 story “The Caves of Androzani”.  Playing the key role of Salateen, this story is notable for being the final appearance of Peter Davison and the first, following regeneration, of Colin Baker.

Robert’s TARDIS is drawn in black marker on white 8×5 card, and signed beneath “Best, Robert Glenister”

Simon Nye is known as the creator of cult sitcom Men Behaving Badly, and in 2010 penned the Dr Who episode “Amy’s Choice”.

Today’s mail brought a brilliant donation from Simon.

First in is his donation to The TARDIS Project, drawn and signed in blue marker on white 8×5 card entitled “The most famous blue box in the universe…”

The second donation from Simon just blew me away.  Pictured is  the front cover of an early draft script for “Amy’s Choice”  As shown in the close up image below, the script is dated 4.1.10 and still carries an earlier working title “The Dream Lord”.  The entire cover (as well as the back page) is covered in annotated updates from Simon and the differences through the script are clear to see.

The post it note on the front confirms its authenticity and is signed by Simon.

This truly is a most amazing item for Dr Who fans and collectors and it will be up for auction shortly. If you want to make me an offer in the meantime, please click on the contact tab at the top to find out how.

I cannot thank Simon enough for this amazing donation to my fundraising 🙂

Today’s TARDIS is a bit different to those that have come before.  Ian McNeice (aka Winston Churchill in “Victory of the Daleks”) has sent his “TARDIS Collage” for auction, featuring an image of the TARDIS and a close up of the information sign on the front.

It is signed in blue with his full character and episode details added.  Thanks for this brilliant contribution Ian!

I’ve been quiet since the last round of auctions, but things are moving fast behind the scenes.  With just 19 days until the TARDIS Project auction, here is the latest instalment in the countdown.

Emma Barton is best known for her role as Honey Mitchell in Eastenders, while she has also taken on key roles in Chicago in the West End and in touring productions.  Her TARDIS is drawn in black on white 8×5 card, and signed as shown.

Another brilliant addition to the auction, thanks Emma.

Remember, you can view all the TARDIS countdown images, by clicking on the link in the menu above.

Tune back in tomorrow…

Now under three weeks to go, and today’s TARDIS is from actress Debbie Chazen.  Recently seen in the west end and touring version of “Calendar Girls”, she is best known to Dr Who fans as Foon Van Hoff from Christmas Special 2007 “Voyage of the Damned”.  This TARDIS, drawn in colour on white a4 card and is signed in black pen at the bottom.  She has also printed her name and added her character details.

This truly is one of the gems of the set, so don’t miss out on it when it comes up for auction!