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Well, as you saw earlier in the day, I hit my £10000 target this morning and with that donation The10GrandCharityChallenge came to and end.  With the end of one fundraiser, another kicks in and I would be delighted if you could come and visit me at my new website

Thanks to all of you who made the10grandcharitychallenge possible.


I am absolutely delighted to be able to announce that as of this morning I have achieved the goal of The10GrandCharityChallenge!!

This morning I made a couple of calls and donated a grand total of £3030 to take me to the magical £10000 mark!!

Great Ormond Street Hospital were of course the main beneficiaries of my donation, with £2030 being added to their coffers.  I decided, after a long association with the charity, to donate £1000 to those brilliant folk at Cancer Research UK.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible… supporters, celebrities, sponsors, buyers … everyone!

It’s been a challenge like no other for me, but I won’t be resting on my laurels. I have plans afoot for a new fundraiser through the coming year, so watch this space for more information later today…


And It’s ALMOST There…

I am delighted with how the auctions went over the last few days, and I know now that I have cleared the amount I needed to hit target.  All that stands between me and donating £10000 is the money transferring from my Paypal account into my bank account and that is currently under way 🙂

I said several months ago that I was aiming to complete The10GrandCharityChallenge by January and I am delighted to be on the verge on doing that 🙂

Next post to follow when I have made the donations to complete the £10k and to launch the new fundraiser 🙂

S’no(w) Bother

Seriously, its not.  The snow is dissipating and leaving behind masses of nice compacted ice for me to slip and slide on as I make my way around.  Fear not eBay buyers, for I have made it to the post office this very morning and the vast majority of items purchased are on way as we speak.  The remainder will go on Monday morning.  If you’ve not paid yet – lets be seeing the colour of your money 🙂

It’s a free listing weekend on eBay again, so you can expect to see a veritable delight of items online over the next day and a half, perfect for Xmas and beyond (remember, an autograph is not just for Christmas, it’s for life!)

Those online just now are tipping the scales at just below £100, so hopefully they will sail though the three figure marker by the time they end tonight.

In the meantime, I need to go and pick up some supplies and get ready for muchos listing 🙂

TEAM BOB! Update

As you know (yes faithful readership) there are a hardy bunch of dedicated… errr foolish… individuals who have pledged to help me raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  First up was the brilliant Kate who ran the Great Scottish Run in September and totally whipped my ass (timewise you understand, nothing dodgy, despite her nickname) and I am collecting some sponsor money she raised from this event this very week.

Next up is Aileen, who will be taking part in the Glasgow Santa Dash in a couple of weeks time (that’s December 12th Aileen, not this weekend) to help raise even more money for the cause.  The Ann Summers Santa outfit will no doubt lead to an interesting race 😉

To both, I cannot thank enough.  It’s tough raising this much money, and I am really appreciative to those who help me on my way.

Photo’s of Santa Dash Day will of course follow… 😉


Its 4.26am

The title says it all, its been a late one (or an early one depending on your viewpoint) with a lot of work being done in the meantime, including getting all those eBay sales from last week packed up and ready to go (later) in the morning.

In the meantime, its been a night of some cracking music, and I thought I would share this awesome track which too few people (even fans of the band in question) have seen.  I was lucky enough to see them live two years ago, stupendous stuff

I am delighted to confirm that the much awaited “Dalek Doodle Day” will be taking place on Sunday 28th November 2010.  On that day, each celebrity who has donated a Dalek to my auctions will see their work auctioned in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Alongside the Dalek artworks will be a selection of TARDISes which have been donated since the last auction in the summer, by a wide range of Dr Who cast members, making this a brilliant chance to grab some unique items from your favourite television show!

The TARDIS Project raised in excess of £1000 in the summer, and I would be delighted to see this feat repeated.  Auctions will be live for three days, to allow money raised to be donated to GOSH by the 10th December deadline for NYC Marathon donations, so please do bid high, bid lots, and spread the word.

I have today also updated my sponsors page to thank everyone who has supported me in the last couple of weeks – you know you want your name there, so let nothing stop you visiting my Just Giving page (over here >>>) and making a wee donation 🙂

Well there it is folks, the 2010 New York City Marathon medal photo. Taken just after I finished in Central Park last Sunday.  My time wasn’t my best (7:40:13) but I am more than happy to have crossed the line for the fourth year in a row.

I’m going to work out a wee diary of my week based on how the full week in the Big Apple went, and will publish on here next week when it is written. Suffice to say we had a brilliant week.  I was gutted that Sheena didn’t get to take part, but all in all the week was cracking.

The auctions which were running (pardon the awful unintended pun) while we were away have been doing me proud, with £425 (before fees) raised so far, and the overall total (including the auctions which end tonight) will be in the region of £500.  With £50 of that going to eBay (gah) it will be a healthy addition to the totals and means that final donation is ever closer.

While in New York I took advantage of the domestic postal prices and sent out a bundle of letters to American based stars, which I am hoping will bear fruit in the not too distant future.

The mail which arrived in my absence included brilliant additions to Dalek Doodle Day from John Bishop, Susan Casanove and Colin Baker along with loads more items which will come up for auction in the next week.

Finally, the photo from the night after the day before, celebrating in style.  There may have been a headache the next morning, but the celebrations were worth it.  There’s a very happy me with a rather strong Southern Comfort in one hand and that rather awesome medal in the other.


Marathon Sponsorship

This morning I have sent out an email and posted on Facebook with links to my Just Giving page, the easiest way to support my fundraising, quick effective and has the bonus of Gift Aid being added to your donation.

If you have come to the site following one of those messages, first of all thank you very much.  I may get the stuff for auction, and run the marathons, but it is you guys who make it possible for me by supporting my fundraising.

Please do have a look around the site, and check out all the information there is on offer and then, if you feel inspired to do so, click on the Just Giving link to support what I do.  Every penny counts, and every pound helps save the lives of those kids at Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Thank You

Robin x

Its been a tiring start to the time in NYC with the weather not at its best, but man it is good to be back in the Big Apple!

The Marathon is under 36 hours away now, and I cannot wait to get stuck into it!

In the meantime, today featured a visit down to the Hudson, with the photo showing me in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. Tomorrow will bring the essential visit to the Expo to pick up my running number etc.

On the charity front, I have 116 auctions online while I am away, and they are at around the £75 mark at the moment.  The earliest ones don’t finish for another five days, so fingers crossed that all those watchers transfer into some massive fund raising when I get home next week.

I am also working away at getting my USA requests sorted (21 done so far) to get some awesome items in for auction in the coming months.