Dalek Doodle Day

The aim of Dalek Doodle Day is to follow the outstanding success of The TARDIS Project by raising a massive amount of money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

This page is where celebrities and Dr Who cast members will arrive at (I hope) as I attempt to garner as much support as I can for Dalek Doodle Day.

So how can YOU help?

My request is simple, it is to ask if you would be kind enough to support Dalek Doodle Day by creating your own Dalek (or two, as many have) for me to auction?  CLICK HERE to find out who has contributed to Dalek Doodle Day to date.

Many will consider themselves not artistic enough to take part, but I can assure you that every TARDIS, from outline doodles to detailed artistic impressions helped raise that money last year, so your donation would be VERY much appreciated.

If you are a Dr Who cast member, be it current or classic series, audio drama or spin off guest actor, I would be thrilled if you could add your character details to the Dalek Doodle.  If you are not, I would be equally chuffed if you could add something to your doodle to help make it even more unique, something relevant to yourself 🙂

If you would be kind enough to help me out, please do give me a shout via the Contact Page at the top of my website, I would be happy to answer any questions and to let you know how you can get items to me for auction.