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Its the final days prior to Xmas and I have some great items up for grabs on MY eBay AUCTION PAGE – 113 of them at the moment to be precise.

Adding to those Ross Forbes match worn football boots are items from No1 Boy Band The Wanted (Siva from the band pictured with me earlier this year at the SECC), a huge amount of signed Dr Who cards, photos, doodles and Christmas cards.

If you have just visited here for the first time, WELCOME to The10GrandCharityChallenge – do have a look around.  There’s a lot more to find other than the auctions, so please do have a look around.  And don’t forget to check out the auctions 😉


I’ve not updated as much as I should have in the last week, so what has been going on since the last post and that £2000 donation to Great Ormond Street?

Currently online are 73 auctions, with more to follow tomorrow as well. Included in the auctions are match worn Adidas F50s from Motherwell star Ross Forbes, which are rather distinctive as they are bright yellow.   Thanks to Ross for being kind enough to donate his boots, and continue a long line of ‘Well players to support my auctions.

I will be holding my next donation (which will make the £10,000 target a reality) until the New Year, to allow the donation to be maximised in that way, and I am quite content to finish The10GChallenge a month behind schedule.

Other items up for grabs include a signed Bob Dole book, a range of signed photo’s cards, and Dr Who items – all worth a look 🙂  Also a range of signed Christmas card as well… check out THIS LINK HERE TO SEE ALL MY AUCTIONS

Please note, I cannot guarantee items will reach you by Christmas, I’ll post them by the deadlines as long as you have paid, but if Royal Mail do not deliver in time (for weather, or other reasons) this is out of my control 🙂

Keep watching the skis… errr skies.

It has been a busy day in the world of The10GrandCharityChallenge, so busy it deserves a whole special font of its on for this very post.  So while I am listening to the wonderful Scouting for Girls here’s what has been going on…

First up – a huge thanks to those wonderful Tweet folk who have helped to spread the word of my fundraising in the last 24 hours… from Darren Gough to Simon Blackwell… your Tweets were appreciated.  I will add a page to the site tonight to chronicle the tweets from each (and there were several more), and to say thanks in the only way I can.

I am also delighted with BIG sale of the day… the signed Ralph Steadman artwork which finished this afternoon just a few pennies under the £260 mark 🙂

Finally, and most importantly (yes, that’s why I chose to go back to this crazy big font, even though it looks ever so slightly strange on this page) is the confirmation of my donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity today. Added to the kitty was another £2000 (including the money donated by you wonderful people at my JustGiving page) and takes the total donation (SO FAR) to £5000.  At the same time the totaliser at the top of the page clears the £7000 mark.  With more money coming in every day through auctions, the next marker is not too far away, and it will be the BIG one!!

Check out my auctions which are running all day today to find some awesome items and add even more into the kitty!!

….is it true what they say about posh girls? 😉

A big welcome to new visitors to the site.  The hit rate has been doing very well in the last few weeks, and its been five days since the daily hit rate dropped below treble figures.  Thanks for taking the time to visit the site, and if you’re just finding me today do take a look around the site, find out what it is all about and then tell all your friends.  I can also be found on Twitter @10_g_challenge so come find me there.

I’ve added a few more auctions tonight, and am prepping some more for tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.  Most end tomorrow night, so make sure you don’t miss out on the best place to find the most awesome of Xmas presents.

I refused to venture to the post office today given the weather conditions, so those items which have not been posted yet should hopefully be on way tomorrow.  I am sure you all know Scotland is in the midsts of major issues with the snow, so even ones which have been posted might not make it for a while as they rely on Royal Mail to cart them about.  Please show patience in allowing time for your items to arrive.

127 Online Today :)

It’s not as many as I had hoped, but listing right up to Midnight last night I squeezed 127 auctions online right now, with some more to come this afternoon.  Included is a brilliant artwork from artist Ralph Steadman, as well a wide range of signed cards, Dr Who items, doodles and photos.

Once I have recovered from clearing our front steps of snow, I’ll get some more items on, so keep your eyes on my auction pages 🙂


S’no(w) Bother

Seriously, its not.  The snow is dissipating and leaving behind masses of nice compacted ice for me to slip and slide on as I make my way around.  Fear not eBay buyers, for I have made it to the post office this very morning and the vast majority of items purchased are on way as we speak.  The remainder will go on Monday morning.  If you’ve not paid yet – lets be seeing the colour of your money 🙂

It’s a free listing weekend on eBay again, so you can expect to see a veritable delight of items online over the next day and a half, perfect for Xmas and beyond (remember, an autograph is not just for Christmas, it’s for life!)

Those online just now are tipping the scales at just below £100, so hopefully they will sail though the three figure marker by the time they end tonight.

In the meantime, I need to go and pick up some supplies and get ready for muchos listing 🙂

I am delighted to report that following tonight’s sales and payments coming into my account I have cleared the initial £2000 mini target for NYC that I set for this month, and will, by default, have cleared the £5000 minimum donation target for the New York Marathon.  With that cleared (well once the cheques clear into my account that is)  I’ll be able to make that massive donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital this time next week 🙂

In the meantime, I am working at raising even more money, with nearly 40 items listed last night, and more to come today.  The £5000 might have been reached, but the £10000 mark is just that wee bit further.  I’ll update the official “funds raised” marker when I make the donation itself, and towards the end of December, I am anticipating it shooting up a bit higher again, meaning with some good sales and good items the target will be hit.

Included in the auctions currently online are some more brilliant Dalek Doodles, and a fabulous signed CD from Feeder.  One of the items signed when I met them prior to their Glasgow gig, its signed in black marker by  both Grant and Taka.  Also up for auction is a no10 Downing Street Parker pen.

You can find all the items by CLICKING ON THIS LINK HERE TO VISIT MY AUCTION PAGE Thanks 🙂

You may remember the brilliant promotional artwork produced by a long term supporter of my charity work, Kristen McLachlan for The TARDIS Project.  I was so delighted with it, I asked if she would be kind enough to create one for Dalek Doodle Day, which you can now see in this post 🙂

Thanks to Kris for the creation – its AWESOME 🙂

My aim was to be able to hit  a minimum target of £2000 by now, and I am pretty darned close to the figure now.  I am currently organising all the funds raised in the last month or so, and collating cheques, cash and sponsorship as well as moving the money from Paypal so that next week I can make a donation to GOSH directly from my Switch Account.

This is by no means the final donation of the yar, and I am planning to smash through the £10k mark within six weeks of now.  I am aware of at least one major boost to the fundraising which will come in the coming weeks, though I will hold that of until it is actual present to be donated.  I am also rather hopeful that the donation I make to GOSH next week is higher than the £2000 mark, so please do check out MY SALES PAGE HERE and see what is up for grabs.

Last night’s auctions brought in just shy of £170, though fees were higher than normal as I have exceeded my limit of free listings for the month and now have to pay a minimum of 10p for each listing.  Overall, still a nice boost to the totals.  I am still awaiting some payments from the last round of auctions, and roughly speaking, I think I am about £200 away from my target, with a very realistic chance of hitting that in the next few days.  I am going to put a final (pre-target) round of auctions online later today, to boost the amount coming in, and am going to have a proper dig around to find as much good stuff as I can to put online.

I also have some requests going out tomorrow, once I can get through the snow to the post office, and I’ll be getting all the sold and paid for items out at the same time.

In the meantime, LOADS to do 🙂

Things Going Well

The first 35 of the auctions online end tonight, and they are progressing nicely.  The Dalek Doodles and TARDIS artworks are now attracting interest, if you’ve come here after seeing one of my promo adverts, thanks very much for popping by.  Please click HERE to visit to my auction page and check out all the awesome items up for grabs.