Like a bolt from the blue, becoming all bluey without warning, TEAM BOB! sprang into existence over the weekend.  For those of you with the good fortune not to comprehend the meaning behind the name, it would appear I have yet to lose one of the nicknames which followed me through school.

TEAM BOB! came to prominence over the first weekend in September 2010, when The Great Scottish Run took place.  New Team Member Kate Murray totally whipped my injured ass in the half marathon, running to help raise even more for The10GrandCharityChallenge. Shortly after the event, another foolish runner and Paisley Grammar veteran Aileen McKenzie joined the fun and will be taking part in events to help raise even more for the brilliant charities involved.  I can’t thank either Kate or Aileen enough for their support.

The final member of TEAM BOB! is my brilliant other half, Sheena, who despite fundraising for her own chosen charities, still puts up with my madness and constant desire to raise even more money, turning the flat into a frequent mess of signed photos.  She told me not to put her name here, because she is TEAM SHEENA, but I dispute this, and as such the place is rightfully here!


05.09.10 – Kate Murray £90 (Great Scottish Run) – Thanks Kate!! 🙂

More to follow…