Look below for the races I am confirmed to be taking part in over the course of 2009/2010, with completed ones listed with finish times, and future ones carrying the race date.  Races will only be placed on this page once confirmation of participation has been received.

  • 15/03/09 – The Meadows Half Marathon, Edinburgh, UK – In aid of The Prostate Cancer Charity (registered charity SCO39332) – Entry Fee £15.  Finish Time : 2:46:22
  • 26/04/09 – The Flora London Marathon, London, UK – In aid of The Cirulation Foundation (registered charity number 1102769.) – Gold Pass Amount £500.  This event was added to the10grandcharitychallenge as an extra race, as it was too good a chance to turn down to be able to run such a prestigious event.  Finish Time 7:42:22“
  • 06/09/09 – The Great Scottish Run, Glasgow, UK – Half Marathon run through Glasgow.  Entry Fee £27.50.
  • 01/11/09 – The ING New York City Marathon, USA – In aid of The Prostate Cancer Charity (registered charity SCO39332) – Gold Pass Amount £1500 Time TBC
  • 20/06/10 – The Mens’ Health Forum Scotland 10K For Men, Glasgow, UK – In aid of Cancer Research UK (Registered Charity no 1089464) – Entry Fee – £15
  • 05/09/10 – The Great Scottish Run, Glasgow, UK – Half Marathon.  Entry Fee £25
  • 07/11/10 – The ING New York City Marathon, USA – Marathon, Gold Pass Target Amount £2500 – In aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.   Race Time : 7:40:19

Please note that some ‘non Gold Pass’ events have specific charities attached to them.  This is for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, some events, like the Meadows Half Marathon, require a charity to be specified on the application form.  The other, more practical reason, is that is allows me to set up an online fundraising page which is directly tied to an event and a charity, this means that potential sponsors can choose which of the three charities they would like to support as part of the10grandcharitychallenge.  Any questions, please do email me @ robinnelsonmiller@gmail.com – thanks.