The next question most people ask is ‘What is the10grandcharitychallenge?’  The answer to this one is nice and simple.

Having taken part in numerous fundraising events over the last couple of years, I decided to raise the bar a bit higher for 2009-2010.  the10grandcharitychallenge aims to raise a minimum of £10000 with three amazing charities (Cancer Research UK, Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Prostate Cancer Charity) receiving donations out of this total by the end of 2010.  The Circulation Foundation have also received a donation following my participation in the London Marathon.  Initially planned to be complete by the close of 2009, common sense has taken over and the fundraiser will now continue through 2010, partly due to the hellish internet connection issues I had through 2009!

Through participation in numerous road races, both in Scotland and abroad, and the auction of signed memorabilia (see the auctions page) I aim to raise the biggest total for charity I have ever raised in a two year period.

That’s really all there is to it, lots of running (yeah ok, and some walking), lots of auctions and lots of fundraising – and a huge donation to charity at the end of it.

Funds Donated to Date

January 2010 – £520 to The Circulation Foundation

February 2010 – £1500 to The Prostate Cancer Charity

June 2010 – £1000 to Great Ormond Street Hospital