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Well, as you saw earlier in the day, I hit my £10000 target this morning and with that donation The10GrandCharityChallenge came to and end.  With the end of one fundraiser, another kicks in and I would be delighted if you could come and visit me at my new website

Thanks to all of you who made the10grandcharitychallenge possible.


I am absolutely delighted to be able to announce that as of this morning I have achieved the goal of The10GrandCharityChallenge!!

This morning I made a couple of calls and donated a grand total of £3030 to take me to the magical £10000 mark!!

Great Ormond Street Hospital were of course the main beneficiaries of my donation, with £2030 being added to their coffers.  I decided, after a long association with the charity, to donate £1000 to those brilliant folk at Cancer Research UK.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible… supporters, celebrities, sponsors, buyers … everyone!

It’s been a challenge like no other for me, but I won’t be resting on my laurels. I have plans afoot for a new fundraiser through the coming year, so watch this space for more information later today…


And It’s ALMOST There…

I am delighted with how the auctions went over the last few days, and I know now that I have cleared the amount I needed to hit target.  All that stands between me and donating £10000 is the money transferring from my Paypal account into my bank account and that is currently under way 🙂

I said several months ago that I was aiming to complete The10GrandCharityChallenge by January and I am delighted to be on the verge on doing that 🙂

Next post to follow when I have made the donations to complete the £10k and to launch the new fundraiser 🙂

Check it out folks, we are FINALLY there.. the auctions which will take me through the £10000 mark within the week.  As always there are a brilliant range of items available, from stars of the Beatles films to Little Britain, from Ryder Cup star Thomas Levet to Battle of Britain Pilot John Ellacombe.#


Thank you very much 🙂


With the lovely Swine Flu leaving me pretty rough, that final round of auctions has been held up by this rather obvious reason.  I’m now sitting with a wee bundle of items which will be listed this evening to hit that £10k mark.

I am also all but ready to launch my new fundraising venture for 2011/12, with the site ready to go live once I have hit the £10000 mark 🙂

I will post again tonight once I have the auctions online 🙂

Well that blast of flu that has been bothering me since the turn of the year was diagnosed this morning as being swine flu, so that explains the constant lack of energy and the fact I have been wiped out for much of 2011 to date.  It’s keeping me inside just now (I’m not meant to go anywhere on Doctor’s orders) so bear with me if you have items due to be sent out… they will go out next week all being well.

Away from that, I think the auctions ending today are going to end just short of the marker needed for the £10000 hit, so I will be adding some more listings over the coming days.  While I am stuck in the flat, I can still get stuff online, and I will be listing on a longer term basis to allow them to be posted more efficiently after the end of the auction.

That £10k mark is blooming close, and I cannot wait to hit it 🙂

…are now well and truly underway, with 60+ auctions now online.  I’m under the cosh of full scale flu right now, which is what has led to the delay in getting these auctions online.  I am firmly hopeful that the money raised this week will lead to the £10000 barrier being smashed!

Included in the auctions today are match worn goalie gloves from Kilmarnock & Scotland ‘keeper Cammy Bell (pictured) and match worn boots from Jim McAlister (Hamilton Accies) as well as the usual range of signed photographs, doodles etc.


I’m very much looking forward to the £10000 mark being reached, so please do have a look and see what’s up for grabs 🙂

It may be blurry (thanks Mr Samsung Camera Phone without flash) but pictured to the right is the latest footballer to donate matchworn items to auction.  Hamilton Accies’ James McAlister, who donated a pair of signed worn boots on Wednesday.  It’s the second time he has donated boots for auction, so a HUGE thank you 🙂

Other items coming in include a signed GB shirt from Phillips Idowu, new doodles and photographs and all sorts of goodies.  My next round of auctions will be in the next few days, and will run for seven days in a bid to raise the final amount needed to reach the £10000 mark!

Plans are afoot for my follow up fundraising, and I will be confirming all that once the £10000 mark is achieved.  In the meantime, I have signed myself up for Great Scottish Run Half Marathon no4, next September 🙂

Have a brilliant New Year Folks, see you in 2011


Its All GO!

Firstly, its a HUGE thank to Adam Bloom who has been busy sourcing awesome signed items for me to auction. Already arriving through my letterbox are multi signed Little Britain and Inbetweeners DVDS thanks to Adam’s contacts and sense of absolute decency, so it really is a HUGE thanks to Adam.  You can expect to see those items and more up for auction shortly after Xmas.

On the main fundraising front, I am just a whisker away from that final donation which will take me to the £10000 mark and I cannot wait to make that donation 🙂  Money is still coming in from the last round of sales, and I plan to have a massive round of post Xmas auctions online to tip me through the final marker.

As this happens, I am already working on launching the next fundraising venture I will be involved with, so please do keep an eye on the site for news coming soon 🙂

Adam, along with several others in Twitter world, have been kind enough to support my fundraising through the method of tweeting my web address for the world to see, and I cannot thank everyone enough who has helped in this way.  I need to update the page to reflect everyone who has tweeted, but how chuffed was I to get two of the top three in The Apprentice 2010 to tweet away from (thanks Chris Bates & Jamie Lester).  Thanks also to candidate Joy Stefanicki who is encouraging as much support as she can through Twitter.#

Having raised a tidy amount from the auction of boots donated by Motherwell star Ross Forbes, I am delighted to announce the latest to show his support through match worn items is St Mirren midfielder Steven Thomson.  Also on board, with a pair of boots at some point during the season, is Saints youngster Kenny McLean.

Thanks to both lads for their support.

If I don’t get online tomorrow…



Hey Folks,

This is the simplest post I have EVER made – click on any text on this post to go straight to my auctions – currently running are 137 signed items – what more could you want?